4 Spotify Playlists for Parents (that you actually want to listen to)

We've got the playlists that are both kid and parent approved!

Whether you’re a stay at home parent or a working parent, sometimes the hours of exclusively interacting with tiny humans can be draining to say the least. Long car rides and the buzz and energy of those evening hours between work/school and bedtime can be absolutely overwhelming. No matter your stage or experience, music and good stories can help boost morale on any day, whether you're at home or on-the-go. And, if you think you might scream if you hear Baby Shark or the Frozen soundtrack one more time, (we totalllly get it,)  we’re here to help diversify your listening experience with a few playlists that will be enjoyed by both your children, and you.

4-6pm Playlist

4-6 PM is that difficult post-naptime, pre-dinner lull when everyone is tired, getting a little cranky, and you’re just scrambling to hold everything together for a few more hours. This playlist from mom + kitchen extraordinaire Kate (known on Instagram as @naptimekitchen) is made for that tricky time of day. You’ll get to dance with your kiddos in the kitchen to songs that you already know and want them to love, too. Who doesn't love an improptu kitchen dance party?

WeeTalkers Playlist

Although it may not be adults’ music of choice, it is important for kids to listen to songs that suit them developmentally, and that’s where this playlist from our speech therapy friends at WeeTalkers is so helpful! It's full of songs that will educate and delight your child, and while it is kids music, they’ve chosen a great collection of songs that are enjoyable even for adults. You’re welcome in advance!

Disney Stories

Long car ride and don’t want the kids on a screen? Gotcha covered. This playlist features narrated tales from the Songs and Story albums. From timeless classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and 101 Dalmatians, to modern favorites like Cars and Tangled, these captivating narratives will keep your kiddos engaged while enchanting you with their immersive storytelling (and soothing voices.)

Calm Playlist

Winding down at bedtime is extremely challenging for a lot of kids and tired parents. Establishing soothing routines around bedtime like reading certain books or listening to certain music can help set the tone for a regulated, relaxed and happy evening experience. We love this calm playlist from Spotify because it's created with kids in mind, but it can help adults wind down, too. Win-Win! And by 7 PM, who doesn't want to feel a little chilled out?

We hope these playlists can help your family create some new rhythms and fun moments in your home or car – whether you’re dancing in the kitchen, powering through bathtime, or snuggling up to listen before bed.